Create your own Arm Party!

What I love about an arm party, besides the awesome name, is that it can bring attention to bracelets that most people won’t normally notice. It is an out of the box way to show your style and mix metals! Whenever I first saw this trend I was so perplexed. Instagram and Pinterest had these amazing arm creations and I just couldn’t figure out how to make it work! So, for all those who want a party on your arm, let me show you how!


This first look is a leopard print Betsey Johnson watch, Kate Spade magenta bangles, and two thin, gold Forever 21 bracelets. I scored these Kate Spade bangles for nineteen dollars at the outlet! Also, I got this Betsey Johnson watch for $30 at JCPenney’s. The key to styling bracelets is to even out the number and style, so one side doesn’t look heavy. Balance is key!


Next, is my sorority colors set! Shout out to all the ADPI’s! I have my Betsey Johnson watch (her watch’s are life changing! Seriously!) two Chevron Blue bracelets and a Lily and Laura bracelet! This is a simple arm party with fewer bracelets, but it still has the same punch. Sometimes having a few unique bracelets catches the eye as much as an armful. Once you get going it’s hard to stop, so I always edit myself by adding and taking off bracelets. But then again, can there ever be too many bracelets invited to an arm party?


You may be wondering if arm candy is possible without a watch? Yes it is with the help of a statement bracelet! My statement bracelet is this Arkansas shaped one I got from a local boutique! The other bracelets are Lily and Laura of course! I love her bracelets and they go with everything! Plus, they are the perfect addition to any arm party!

Arm parties are a must for fall so get stacking!


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