How to be more Productive


Finals are looming and it makes me want to pull my hair out! Everything is due at once and I never knew I could have this much work! As I type this, I may or not be putting off schoolwork. Overall the last few weeks I have surprised myself with how much I can get done in a day, so here are some of my tips to focus and get stuff done!

  1. Write down everything in your planner! I literally write down every single thing, even what I need to print. This way I never forget about an assignment or task no matter how small it seems. At first, it may seem like a bit much but when you never have to guess at what you need to accomplish next it really helps!
  2. Spotify! They have the best playlists such as deep focus, evening chill, or intense studying that I swear helps me memorize my notes and flashcards even better.
  3. Make use of every second. No matter whether I have 2 minutes in between classes or a few spare hours in the day, I am always doing work so I can relax at night. Apps like Quizlet let you study flashcards on your phone! Don’t let surfing Pinterest get the best of you!
  4. Keep motivating images or quotes in view. My computer background is a bunch of reading glasses ,which makes me feel smart and reminds me my laptop is mainly for school purposes.
  5. Just a friendly reminder, you can do this! Even though it seems like the stress will never end right now, a few weeks later you will look back and think, “Wow I was so productive and rocked it!” And if you need a little chocolate to make it through, then I’m not judging!

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