Dorm Room Ideas

It is with a heavy heart that I write my first back to school post… How do the summers always seem to fly by so fast? I may not be ready for classes, but I am ready to shop for some décor for my apartment! It may only be July, but it is never too late to start looking for dorm or apartment décor. I have gotten some great deals in the past, so each week I will show you a new room and all of the ways you can save on décor too! This week I am starting with my freshman dorm room which was pink and orange.


The way my dorm was laid out, I shared a room with one other girl and two other girls lived in the room next to us. The four of us shared a common area and bathroom. My bedding was from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I loved the colors, but it was a duvet and no matter how many duvet clips I bought I could NOT get it to stay in place. Also, whenever you washed your duvet you had to take the duvet all the way out and after it was clean get it clipped back in, so needless to say I will stick with comforters from here on out. My pillow shams are also from Bed, Bath and Beyond, but the pillow forms I found cheap at IKEA. My orange throw is from Homegoods and I bought fabric from Joann’s and a friend of my mom sewed my roommate and I matching bed skirts. These bed skirts were a life saver because you could never see all of the crap under my bed. I would highly suggest getting one. Lastly, the pink and orange file boxes were from The Container Store for $7 each. They were perfect for keeping important information like my insurance card, voter registration, and room contract. Plus, they added a pop of color and come in so many selections that it is easy to find the colors of your room!


As soon as you entered the room, this was the view. I found my adorable “Eat a Cupcake” door hanger for $2.99 at Garden Ridge. The pink photo hanger was on clearance for $3 at Kirklands. I found pink and orange flowers from Hobby Lobby and then filled a vase with orange gumballs from a candy store in the mall. Keep in mind candy melts, so you will probably have to throw away this vase at the end of the year.


On my closet I found these prints in a set at Michaels for $6 and to make them more sturdy, I placed them on black foam board from the dollar tree and stuck them on my closet with sticky tack. I also printed out these photo collages from Sam’s Club as they have extremely cheap prices on prints and posters. Shutterfly is another great source, but without a coupon they can be pricey.


And here is a better view of the inside of my closet.


Luckily, I got this huge desk that added extra storage and desktop space (This picture was taken around Christmas, so that’s why there is a burlap runner). I covered the corkboard with fabric to add a pop of color. Also, I would suggest putting up a command hook like I did on my desk to hold your fob and car keys. It is so easy to misplace them and this makes sure they always have a home.

Have fun decorating your dorm because you will be in your room a lot in college to do homework and hang out with friends!


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