Sorority House Room

I have already showed you my freshman dorm, so now I want to share my room in the sorority house!


My bedding is Vera Bradley and it was half price on sale on their website! As I mentioned in my previous post, a bed skirt is a must for me and I found mine on amazon. The big purple body pillow is from big lots, and the textured decorative ones are from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Anyone who has lived in a dorm or sorority house knows that one minute your room is boiling hot, and the next it is freezing cold! Which is why I am prepared with this throw blanket from TJ Maxx. You can always find a variety of colors and a great price of throws at TJ Maxx!


The K is a $10 clearance find from Hobby Lobby that I painted and glittered to match my room! It makes a big statement and I didn’t have to fill up my walls to do so!


This is one of the only pictures of my desk and it’s from Halloween. I tried to keep it simple and clutter free! I found the frame on clearance at Kohl’s for $7! The print with my sorority logo is from RiffRaff, but a cheaper option is to look for free ones on Pinterest! To hold all of my pencils I just got a simple mason jar from Goodwill for a dollar!


This is my side of the vanity with so much extra storage space! I don’t know what I would have done without it, because I stored my makeup, books, jewelry, and t-shirts in these. Of course, the only picture I have is a random one at Christmas…I promise I didn’t keep the bows up year round!

After two years of living on campus I will be in an apartment this year and I will have a tour up in a couple of weeks when I get everything set up! Stay tuned for my last minute dorm essentials!


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