Last Minute Dorm Essentials

For those of you going to college, moving into your dorm will come faster then you think. You may be nervous that you will forget something important, so that’s why I came up with a list of last minute dorm essentials to get you prepared for the dorm life.

sleeping maskear plugs

Ear Plugs and Sleeping Mask- You may think that your roommate will have the same sleep schedule as you…but guess again! Ear plugs and sleeping masks have saved my life and guaranteed me a few zzz’s before my eight o’clock.

Extension cord and zipties- I saw this on a dorm tour video last year and it changed my life! If you don’t have a nightstand, use zipties to hold your extension cord in place on your bedframe! You instantly have your own charging station without taking up any extra space.

water bottle

Britta Water Bottle- My only source of water freshman year was the bathroom sink, which as you could guess doesn’t taste the best. The person who came up with the Britta Water Bottle is a genius! They are easy to clean and provide you with filtered water year round!


Monogrammed Towels- Towels are an obvious bathroom necessity, but if you get them monogrammed then you will always know instantly which towel is yours! They also make a great grad gift!


Bed skirt- You can find bed skirts on Amazon or and they will be a lifesaver to hide the clutter that will accumulate under your bed!


Mini Steamer- No one has the room or time to iron every morning, but what happens when your favorite t-shirt is wrinkled?! Grab a handy mini steamer like this one from Bed, Bath and Beyond! It is easy to use and store and will heat up in about a minute or two!


Printer- I realized I needed one in the middle of Freshman year when I became exhausted from having to get up 30 minutes early to go print in the library. Sometimes, whenever you want to print all the computers can be taken and are extremely slow. Also, if you finish the final draft of that research paper late at night, the library is closed. I found a printer for $30 and only used one set of ink cartridges and two packs of printer paper a year.

cize pic 21 day fix pic

Workout DVD’s-Our recreation center was in the center of campus and my dorm was at the opposite end, so sometimes I didn’t have the motivation to walk all the way there and back. That’s why I kept DVD’s in my room, so if I was lazy or short on time I could still get in my workout.


Desk Calendar- Having a planner is a must for college, but a desk calendar can also come in handy! If you map out all your exams and research papers you can see that even though you have three weeks to write it, two are busy with football games or sorority events. So, you might wanna get started on that now…


Raincoat and rain boots – When your getting ready for school in the heat of the summer you just aren’t thinking about the monsoons or snowstorms that will occur in a few months when you are at your busiest. If you get caught in the rain or cold weather, that ten minute walk will seem like a lifetime. Of course, the rain will blow sideways and your umbrella will flip inside out and you will be soaked, so save yourself the trouble and be prepared beforehand. I found a Northface rain jacket in the kid’s section that fit me perfectly and was MUCH cheaper! Also, Marley Lily carries monogram raincoats and always run flash sales where they are $10 off. I ordered a pair of rain boots off of Zappos or you can get these Sperry’s that are a bean boot look alike and are perfect for the snow and rain. Trust me, I have gotten my shoes and clothes soaked through walking to my 8am and fallen on my butt from wearing Uggs in the ice too many times!

Those are some my last minute essentials for your dorm, trust me I learned the hard way half way through freshman year!


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