Outfits of the Week

Being fashionable on a budget can take creativity to mix up the same pieces to create something new and fresh! Get ready to shop your closet because I have my outfits of the week where I use the same color scheme and use shoes and accessories to take pieces I already have to the next level!


My first outfit is perfect for hot summer days! This thin tunic with slits is from Abercrombie and Fitch. Ever since they rebranded their clothes have been classic basics (p.s. they run a lot of sales!) and I wore a pair of blue jean shorts underneath because the slits are very deep on the side! I paired it with this H&M collared necklace that has lasted me years and was the best $20 investment ever. Lastly, I am wearing these coach espadrilles that I found a few years ago on clearance at TJ Maxx.

Image 2

For my next outfit, I took the same shirt and tucked it into a basic black skater skirt from Kohls. The only thing I learned from wearing standardized dress was how to tuck in my shirt! Of course this is a more chic alternative… I may not be an outfit repeater in the words of Lizzie Mcquire, but I am a necklace repeater! You can never go wrong with a statement necklace! For a casual vibe perfect for class or weekends, I wore my converse that I found on sale at Kohls.

Image 3

Another day, another grey t-shirt. This one is from TJ Maxx and was only $9! To add texture to my outfit, I added a dark wash jean jacket from Kohls. Kohls is a GREAT place to find deals because they have sales, coupons and Kohls cash going on all the time! Not pictured is my insane amount of Alexi & Ani bracelets. Did I mention I found one at Nordstrom Rack for $14?! It is possible to find any brand discounted with a little snooping the internet and different stores!

Image 1

My last outfit is the most simple, because by the end of the week I am just ready for the weekend! I have on my blue jean shorts from outfit one, which are from Old Navy. They provide the perfect length so I don’t have to worry about short-shorts. Yes, I have another gray t-shirt! Target knew my weakness of grey when they had this flowy tee for $9 and I had a cartwheel coupon! My flats are Vera Wang from Kohls. I would not suggest buying these because they have not held up well and the sole is already breaking after a few months of use. Any neutral flats leave room for a bright purse or earrings!

Have fun shopping your closet! I would love to see your outfits of the week and how you took the same pieces and created different outfits!


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