Outfits of the Week

This week I decided to put down the selfie stick and do my outfits of the week in front of my mirror, which also happens to be in my closet. The weather was all over the place this week, but hopefully by the next OOTW I will be bundled up in scarves and vests!



For whatever reason a cold front came in, which meant I pulled out my Sperry snow boots, recent Target Dollar Spot scarf, and piko style top from TJ Maxx. Even though I was sweating by the afternoon, it was worth it.


Image 1

Everyone seems shocked when they find out how much of my closet is from the rebranded Abercrombie and Fitch… Mark my words they are on a comeback! And no, my sweater doesn’t have a moose anywhere on it! My jeans are Express and my acclaimed coach shoes from TJ Maxx. In true Overdressed and Underbudget fashion, my necklace may be a doppelganger for a J.Crew necklace, but is also from TJ Maxx.


Image 2

Since I gave a presentation, I was hoping that dressing nice would assure me an A! Dress for success right? To transition my summer, sleeveless Old Navy top with an Ann Taylor loft sweater. My nude flats are Vera Wang from Kohls and have not held up well over time! Don’t buy them!


Image 3

The weather tricked me all week into thinking I could style for fall… I was feeling edgy this day with my forever 21 capris, black old navy tee, thrifted flannel, and converse. My bracelets are the ones I found when I went to the  Farmer’s Market and were only $14 each.

Friday was my break day where I just wore a sorority shirt and Nike capris. I actually blended in with all the other college kids for once!


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