Nail Polish for Fall

When your Fall lips look amazing, and you look down at your nails and know something is missing… I rounded up my must have Fall polishes! And unlike your lipstick, they won’t leave a stain on the cup of your pumpkin spice latte.



I found this brilliant red polish at Big Lots for $1.90! I had to dig through a huge tube of polish and I probably looked crazy sitting on the floor of the store, so I could sift through. What we do for beauty! For the longest time I lived in my Essie and O.P.I. world where I didn’t dare try anything cheaper because I couldn’t sacrifice the quality. A less expensive brand may require another coat and start chipping a day sooner. It’s worth it!


I’m one of those people who thinks that every red polish is so different even though it probably looks like I just always wear red in the Fall. Essie’s Wrapped in Rubies is a favorite of mine for when you are in a red rut. It has a golden, brown tint that differentiates it from the rest of my collection which is on my nails right now.


This is another one of my Big Lots find from my time tube searching. This is darker then it looks in the bottle and goes on magenta. Rarely do I find a color that can be either a fall or summer polish, but this does the trick. And a bonus was the $3.50 price tag.


Fall doesn’t have to be all reds and magentas. Sometimes we just need a great neutral. Essie’s Penny Talk does just that. For New Year’s I add an Essie glitter topcoat and create a “champagne manicure.” Raise a glass.

Now you can have the best accessory to a chunky sweater. Pair your flawless nails with a cocktail ring and you just stepped up your style. Nail party anyone?


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