Did you say free?!

Did you say free? I honestly can’t think of anything better than free stuff! Here is a list I carefully compiled as I found some amazing things at no cost!

Kate Spade Wallpapers:



One day while I was glancing at the Kate Spade website, I noticed they had a blog. To get some inspiration I had to check it out! I found out they release a new iPhone, iPad and desktop downloadable wallpaper every month. It is always a new, quirky print. This is a great way to have the print without buying a pricey bag or dress.









I was on the hunt for free prints on Pinterest when I came upon this website. All you have to do is like them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram and you have access to so many free, trendy examples! Seriously, I have seen these prints go for $40 and it costs you less than $1 to print at Staples! Here are a few examples. They also have monogram acrylic tray inserts, so be sure to check those out!

Monogram Lite:


Image 1

This app has been my saving grace for phone screensavers. They add free designs every season! Of course you can add your monogram! Go ahead make one for yourself or send one to a friend to make their day!

Marley Lily Stickers:



I could go on a rant about how they use to send you free stickers in the mail each month and suddenly stopped before I collected them all… but I’m not. Make sure if you purchase anything that you add one to your cart because they are free with purchase!

Bath and Body Works:


Every once in awhile, I will get a golden ticket/ coupon that says free travel size lotion or body wash, NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! Just make sure you don’t buy out the store whenever you go to collect your free gift! FYI if you want to get a travel size body mist, they will charge a $1 even with the coupon which is still a great deal.

Enjoy all your new free goodies! Let me know if you have an amazing free deal I should check out!


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