November Makeup Review

I promise from now on that I will stay out of the makeup aisle! My monthly makeup review came a little early because I couldn’t help myself. I guess that’s what happens when you find great deals.





This is one of my all time favorite glosses! It has just the right texture, it glides on without being sticky. They have a million colors to choose from in order to find your perfect shade. Also, around this time of year Target will start carrying gift sets for a better deal!


IMG_0850This stuff is awful! I have very blonde brows and this is just too dark. The brush is too wide for my brows as well which makes it impossible to apply.


IMG_0848I’m gonna be honest, the main reason I decided to try this product is because it was on sale for $1.79! I am extremely impressed with the quality. A great lengthening mascara!!

IMG_0847Wet & Wild you did it again! This is my FAVORITE fall lip color! It’s a great nude that still provides some color, so you won’t look like a corpse!

IMG_0845I found this eyeshadow quad at the dollar tree and couldn’t pass up these neutrals! I ended up putting the crease color all over my lid. I was happy with this quad for the price, but the shadows weren’t the most long lasting. I would save your money on this one.

What are your fall makeup must-haves?


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