Instead of having a specific resolution for 2016, I decided to stick with one word to base my year around. I chose SIMPLIFY.

As much as I wish I had the willpower to chunk just about everything I own, I will never be a minimalist. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t simplify my possession of material things and simplify my mind in the process. I’m close to starting a new semester and when that happens I get so stressed out about school and all my extra-curricular which is why I just have to stay calm and simplify my mindset, focusing on what I’m doing and not what I need to get done.

To start off this personal challenge, I decided to go through my closet and extra tubs of clothes to purge some stuff. I filled up quite a bit as you can see. There is something about being in college that makes you accumulate so much stuff! My guess is because I have half at my house and the other half at my apartment, so I can never fully see all the stuff I’ve collected.


This is my progress so far! I will update you as I continue on my journey and I would love to hear your resolutions!


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