Monthly Makeup Review: High-End

This Christmas was definitely make-up themed. Since I was gifted high-end makeup, I thought I would do my first upscale monthly makeup review.





Nars Creamy Concealer- I’ve heard so much hype on this product, and it’s well deserved. My foundation glows with this concealer underneath! It is great for under the eyes and blemishes, so it’s a win for me! I’m in the shade light vanilla 2.




Lorac eyeshadows- Always check Nordstrom’s Rack for high-end makeup because my mom found a dozen single eye shadow kit for $15! They also carry a lot of Nars, Urban Decay and Stila as well! As you can see the pigmentation is very high quality. With the range of shadows in this collection it’s easy to put together many different looks! I’ve never tried Lorac before and I can say I’m impressed!


final swatches



Mac Lip Pencils: I couldn’t believe Mac joined the lip pencil bandwagon and was so excited to try these! I’m a Mac girl and have used their products as long as I remember. However these left me slightly disappointed. I had to really work to get this swatch. On the bright side they are very moisturizing, which is probably why the color isn’t as strong. The more I thought about it, I realized I wear natural colors to class, so these are perfect for everyday.





Marc Jacobs Eyeliner: My mom let me have this sample that was a part of her birthday gift at Sephora. I wasn’t expecting much, but as soon as I wore this the first thing out of her mouth was, “You have to buy the full size!” It goes on like a liquid and stays put all day. My eyes pop and I look like a pro who could apply liquid liner with this!





Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette: This is my holy grail palette and I’ve been using the Naked 2 palette for the past year… It’s so easy to make complete eye looks and the shadows glide on. I can’t get over how much I love this!



What are your high-end must haves?


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