Project Pan 2016

Today I’ve decided to hold myself accountable and discuss my project pan for 2016. I had no idea what project pan was until I discovered it on Instagram a few months ago, and I want to hug the person that created the idea because it’s genius! The point is to hold yourself accountable to the makeup and beauty products you own and hit “pan” (the silver bottom of a product) or finish it completely. My obsession with eyeshadows and lip products is real and how I got into this predicament in the first place. So here is what I will try to finish in 2016!


Aside from finishing the products, I really want a new lipstick or eyeshadow from the Back to Mac program, so I’m using a lot of Mac products. They also happen to be the oldest in my collection and I would be heartbroken if I let them expire. I have two larger eyeshadows in Carefree and a purple where the label rubbed off. Carefree I use as a highlight because it’s too light for an eyeshadow base, and being under budget means reusing things beyond their intended purpose. I’m also using up Superwatt, which is a cream shadow consistency that just came out a few months ago. I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve hit a baby amount of pan. As you’ve heard many times I love my Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette and can’t wait to show it some love! I will have no problem finishing this one!

Image 2

Image 4

Image 5

Image 3


One thing I love about Mac products is the quality and amount of product tightly pressed per pan! I would be crazy to think I could use up an entire blush (that I’ve used non-stop for 6 months and still no pan…) or a powder from when I got spray tans that now doubles as a bronzer. My goal is to just hit pan and the powder has a big dip, so hopefully that’s coming soon!



I’ve never finished a lipstick in my life, so naturally I include three in my project pan. In my defense, the Marc Jacobs is a mini! I love this Mac lipstick in Cultured and thanks to sorority recruitment in the summer heat it’s broken and mutilated. At least it was the only causality! Last is my Covergirl Oh Sugar! in Gumdrop. This formula is moisturizing, smells like citrus, and is a lighter version of a deeper fall color. Basically, what you can take away from this section is that I’ll be wearing lipstick to class everyday.

Image 9

Image 8



Lip Pencils:

Once I discovered lip pencils, there was no stopping me from trying out several. The Mac lip pencil seemed attainable because there was not much product and it goes on fairly nude. My Tarte Lip Insurgent is 2 years old and still a favorite. The color is perfect and it feels like I’m applying a minty chapstick. I had an unfortunate incident where I dropped it on the bathroom floor and had to cut some of it off… My Kate Spade lip pencil is beautiful and very high quality. It’s the most drying of the formulas, but that doesn’t deter me from applying this beauty! All I can say is soooo much product! Even though it’s a liquid lipstick, I added the Too Faced mini melted in the photo for aesthetic reasons. I freakin love this stuff and can’t wait to use it up!

Image 12

Image 6

Image 10

Image 11

Lip Glosses:

If I could assign myself a superlative, it would be “most likely to wear lipgloss.” I go through lipgloss fairly quickly and I clearly get bored when about a ¼ is left. However, I’m confident I can finish the five Mac glosses, one Urban Decay, a Coach and a NYX gloss. I guess we’ll find out at the end of the year!

Image 13

Would you consider doing project pan? Trust me, it’ll make you think twice before you buy more makeup!




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