To start the week I didn’t feel like styling my hair with heat, so I used my trusty sparkle headband! My budget saving tip on this outfit is to watch for Marley Lily flash sales, which is how I got this sweatshirt for $19.99! They happen often and if you sign up for their emails you’ll always be in the know!

Image 4



As you will see, this is the week of stripes! This outfit is full of deals like this shirt I found at Old Navy for $4.99! They have a huge clearance rack in store and a lot of items are on sale online! Never forget to check the clearance rack because I found these Banana Republic cords for $10! High priced stores doesn’t mean high priced clearance!

Image 3


On this brisk day I was feeling preppy as usual. A tip is to layer a sleeveless button up under a thicker sweater, so you won’t sweat the entire day! And don’t forget to check out Jcrew Factory for some awesome deals and they are always having 40% off sales, which is where I found this statement necklace.

Image 2



Looking back on this outfit, I noticed it has a nautical, preppy feel. And of course, again with the stripes! I thrifted both this shirt and Ann Taylor cardigan! The striped top was also half off, which made it $1.75!! Remember to check out your local thrift store. You can find quality pieces for amazing prices.

Image 1



I had to end off the week with a fishtail braid and monogram earrings! I got so many compliments on this scarf, which I found in the men’s section of Forever 21 for $10. Forever 21 fueled my Tartan obsession once again!



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