Weekend Update

This weekend was amazing! My favorite person, aka, my mom came into town! I still had some leftover giftcards for Christmas that I was dying to spend. My summer wardrobe is seriously lacking, so I found a few key pieces to switch things up! A tip I have is to try neutral colors! I wear a lot of black, grey and navy, so I can add a bold pop of color in my accessories. This guarantees more wear for each piece, without anyone suspecting me of being an outfit repeater (pretend this is in Kate’s voice from Lizzie McGuire).


The first place we stopped was Ann Taylor Loft. This is one of my all time favorite stores! The clothes are classic, feminine and have amazing quality. What more could a girl ask for? I needed a skirt for summer internships and I’m trying to build a professional wardrobe for when I graduate. I have wider hips, so pencil skirts aren’t always the most flattering. A good alternative is an a-line skirt, like this one with scallop detail! It’s almost at my knee, which makes it appropriate for an office setting. And if I happen to wear it on the weekend, then that’s just a bonus!

Image 3

Image 2


Next, we stopped at a local boutique called RiffRaff. They have an great online site, so feel free to browse! I had a $25 giftcard, and this top originally $34, was on sale for $24! I said it was a top, but it was in the sale rack where they only had an XL, which makes this a dress on me. Another shopping tip, why not try on something on the sale rack that might be big? You never know, a tunic could become a flowy dress!

Image 4

It wouldn’t be a trip if we didn’t go to Burlington coat factory! I needed black and navy flats (how have I been surviving without them?!). I found this pair of adorable navy loafers for $16 and the black DKNY flats for $34.99!



I had to save the best for last…TJ Maxx! If you weren’t aware, I have a MAJOR obsession with all things Kate Spade. When I found this planner that was originally $36 and was marked down to $7.99, I nearly fainted!! They also had Lily Pulitzer, so get in your car and get to the nearest TJ Maxx!

Image 5

I hope you enjoyed my fab finds! What deals have you found recently?


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