Ten Things To Do This Summer


  1. Take a day trip to explore another city.
  2. Check out a garage sale (You never know what you’ll find). Here is a garage sale finder to see which sales are close by.
  3. Go to a scenic area and have a photo shoot (New profile picture anyone?)
  4. Try something new for girls night (Try an Escape room, cat café, painting with a twist, or zumba class).
  5. Host a makeup swap with friends (What better way to try a new palette without having to buy it!).
  6. Find a free concert (My college and hometown both have free concert series, so check your area!).
  7. Check out a Farmer’s Market (Even if you don’t buy any fruit or veggies, the Dallas Farmer’s Market has so many free samples of the best tasting produce).
  8. Try thrifting (You can repurpose items if you can sew, or just find cute pieces. I’ve found Lily Pulitzer and JCrew, so you never know). Here is a thrift store finder, so you can see which stores are in your area.
  9. Reconnect with friends you haven’t talked to in awhile.
  10. Check out a Comedy Club (My mom saw Ellen when she went in her 20s. Check the age limits because most clubs you have to be 21).



6 thoughts on “Ten Things To Do This Summer

  1. This list is getting me more excited about summer! I epsecially love the garage sale idea 🙂 I love going thrift shopping but meeting the people who are selling their own items makes it extra special. Thanks for sharing 😀

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